A-Rated Fire Penetrations

Fire Rating of level penetrations: Why?

To resist and prevent against the transfer of:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Combustible heat.

These three items are to be kept in mind when designing a solution that will comply with all current building codes.

How is a buildings rating requirement specified?

Fire resistance ratings are outlined in the following standards (note all time is displayed in minutes):

  • A = Structural integrity withstand time limit (Concrete Slab) this is covered by builder
  • B = Integrity against passage of fire flames (penetrations) fire rating products cover “B”
  • C = Insulation against temperature rise through trays / pipes and other services.
  • Fire rating building specifications list rating requirements as: 120/120/120
  • The order of the three numbers relate to the letters above: A / B / C

Example for a 2hr rated installation (rating is in minutes) 120/120/120

What standards cover the installation of item “B” (integrity of penetrations)?

AS 1530.4 (2005). Methods for fire testing of fire rated materials.

Once a product has passed the above testing, all installations must be carried out in accordance to the installation method used for the Australian Standard test. A-line Group install and design solutions for all penetrations only using Australian Standard TESTED solutions. The installation will be covered and endorsed by both a certified certificate at the end of the fire rating installation. In addition to this all penetrations fire rated will be individually numbered and photographed.

Fire Rating Product utilized by A-Line Group: PROMAT

Promat have helped in the training of our installation specialists. This ensures project solutions are installed as tested for the rating of both horizontal and vertical penetrations. All solutions installed by A-Line Group will come with Promats full endorsement.

Product types available

  • Fire rated Pillows
  • Acrylic Sealant (no more than 10mm thick)
  • Promaseal Mortar (105mm thickness min, held in place by cast brackets @ 300mm)
  • Bulk Head Batts (fibrous and OH&S committees have put installing on hold)
  • Fire rated intumescent flanges (for pipes)

Installation methods

Fire rated Pillows

Fire Pillow installation

Fire Pillow installation

Used for installing horizontally or vertically, with all gaps and openings filled with Acrylic Sealant

Acrylic Sealant is used around the parameter of the installation to prevent smoke transfer along with locking the installed pillows in place.

Each fire pillow outer sheath is designed to “burn away” in a fire leaving the internal “rockwall filling”. During a fire the rockwall filling will amalgamate and lock in the penetration ensuring the 2 hour rating minimum is maintained.

Promat seal mortar

Fire Mortar Installation

Fire Mortar Installation

Used for installing in vertical penetrations. Mortar is mixed and applied as a “wet” solution that sets in position creating the seal. The mortar is to be installed meeting a number of precise requirements in order to fulfill the requirements as tested ensuring a 2 hour minimum. This includes “casting” specalised brackets into the penetration.


Fire rating must be installed once ALL services have been installed.

Additional services can be added afterwards, however the fire rating needs to be re-instated and re-certified.

Certificates and completed penetration photos are issued once the project fire rating is complete.

A-Fire has developed a special quoting system which allows accurate pricing to be quoted in advance of the works taking place. This allows fixed pricing to our clients ensuring costs are locked in. Scheduling of your project is a must when it comes to fire rating. With planning to allow for the maximum amount of penetrations to be rated in one visit, pricing will reflect this efficiency!

For all your fire rating needs, large or small please call A-Fire (03) 95556799.